Meet the Reader

Hello there! Welcome to the millionth time I’ve restarted my blog! Okay no but for real welcome to & She reads! My name is Solange I’m 28 years old and I live in the (sometimes) Sunny city of Miami, FL. Home of ‘no artists come here for concerts ever’ and of course the infamous ‘Florida Man’. I love reading books and talking about them so thats what this will be! Got any book recs? Send them my way!


I’m generally grumpy in public places unless they happen to be a bookstore or coffee shop, and I always drive myself crazy by reading more then one book at a time. Most recently my favorite genre has to be fantasy but I do love me a good Scifi or Mystery every now and then, and when I really need a break from the craziness I’ll pick up a nice contemporary. I honestly don’t know how to stay still do i’ll have three books pending and then i’ll volunteer to be a beta reader while also reviewing ARC’s on the side AND working a 9-5 ANDD volunteering at church. In my defense though if I did stay still I would probably go crazy (apparently I’m not already right).


I have firey red hair by the way since you couldn’t see it in the other picture, it honestly feels like its just my hair color at this point. If you’re wondering, yes, my favorite Disney princess is Ariel. I can quote the entire little mermaid movie don’t fight me on this. For real though, I have such a strong passion for reading its something very dear to me and whenever someone tells me I inspired them to read it warms my heart. I hope you guys made it this far into the post after all that ridiculousness. Feel free to message me! Have a book you want me to read for you? Message me! I can’t wait to hear from all of you!.

With Love,

Solange – & She Reads

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