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King of Scars

‘ I am the monster and the monster is me ‘

King. Of. Scars.

This book had me excited, yelling, terrified. Leigh Bardugo is honestly one of my favorite writers she knows just how to set up the perfect setting for a story. I’ll be the first to admit the originally 3 for the Grisha Trilogy were tough for me to read but I stuck through it because 1. Six of crows is my life. 2. Nikolai deserves for me to pull through it. SPEAKING of Nikolai I’m pretty sure this book messed my heart up completely when it comes to Nikolai. His chapters were probably my favorites even though they were politically heavy (I mean he IS the king after all) but being able to read from his point of view and perspective totally killed me.

AND ZOYA wow. W.O.W character development at its finest. I remember wanting to punch Zoya constantly in the Grisha Trilogy, now I think it was mainly cause Alina is a baby (sorry but she is) and I seem to relate a lot with Zoya’s personality (yikes?).

This book constantly kept me guessing though I honestly had no idea where it was going to go, in a good way, because it really wasn’t predictable. Did I know crazy stuff was gonna happen? I mean yeah its Leigh Bardugo she was born to wreck my life with her amazing books BUT I didn’t think in the slightest it would play out the way it did! I know some might be a little skeptical to pick this one up if you weren’t a huge fan of the grisha trilogy BUT I promise everything Leigh has written is adding up in King of Scars and WOW the dots all connect and its incredible.

Do yourself a favor and read this masterpiece, no really this book is beautiful even on the outside. King of Scars definitely gets 5 out of 5 stars from me. Its out now so go get it!

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