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Spin The Dawn

I received a copy of this book on NetGalley for an honest review.

Wow Wow Wow 

Where do I even start with this book? 

Spin The Dawn 

Is such a special book most descriptions say ‘Project Runway meets Mulan’
but it is so much more! This book was such a fun read and I won’t include any spoilers but the character development in this book is A+ to be completely honest. 

Maia, the main character, is already a strong character when the book starts she just gets even better as the adventure unravels. 

and lets not forget the writing style is just beautiful its very fun and definitely a YA book but it also feels very elegantly written. I can tell you that as soon as this book comes out I will be buying it (its such a beautiful book think about how it’ll look up on a shelf) and re reading it.

Spin The Dawn by Elizabeth Lim is the first in The Blood of Stars series and comes out
July 9th so go an preorder it!!

Absolutely a 5/5 stars

I definitely recommend Spin The Dawn. 

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