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The Grisha Trilogy

Man, The Grisha Trilogy.

Where do I start with this one. I have to admit this trilogy was tough for me to go through mainly because you have such a good villain like The Darkling and then you have Alina as the main character. I know, I know a lot of people love her and don’t get me wrong I do love her for a couple reasons but as a main character facing up against THE DARKLING (darkness personified, strongest Grisha, creator of the fold, the dark heretic I can keep going,,) she felt very bland.

Shadow and Bone provided some sense of adventure which is the main reason why I finished it and I genuinely love Aline and the Darkling. Not Mal with his stupid ‘ I see you now Alina’ crap. Like oh sorry now that you’re a super strong grisha I’m suddenly in love with you?? Get outta here with that crap. sorry Sorry Mal just makes me mad. ANYWAYS, I think Shadow and Bone would get a 4 stars on its own just for giving me a character like The Darkling.

I would say Siege and storms was the most difficult one for me and I cannot stress this enough I HATE the apparat. Why is he even a character?! if a snake turned into a person it would be him, I hated that guy so much. Thank goodness for Nikolai he’s honestly what saved the series for me. Oh and Tamar and Toyla I love them so much. Siege and Storms gets 2.5 stars out of 5 form me, sorry guys.

Last, Ruin and Rising. This book..THIS book. It had me so up and down. Alina finally showing some backbone and taunting the Darkling was probably my favorite thing. By the time I got to this book though I was so done with amplifiers and Mal and The apparat UGH I just wanted a freaking fight. This series was definitely lacking in the fight scene department. Ruin and Rising also gets three stars out of 5 on its own.

This entire review is hurting every fiber of my being because I absolutely LOVE Leigh Bardugo. Like Guys, I’ve met her she’s incredible but man The Grisha Trilogy just didn’t do it for me. It at least gave me the pathway to King of Scars (which is why I read it) I would say the series as a whole gets 3 stars from me 😦 I don’t like giving anything less than 4 but I can’t lie to my heart.

But Read King of Scars TRUST ME.

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