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We Hunt The Flame By Hafsah Faizal

‘Be as victorious as the name I have given you, and bring the desert to its knees’

Where do I even begin with this book?! Well for starters let me say this has been, without a doubt, one of my favorite books of 2019. This book had it all : amazing characters, incredible world building, the book over all was so so so well written and if I had to describe it in one or two words I would say the book it self is absolute magic.

The main character Zafira is oh so special to me I never thought I would feel like this towards a MC after Throne of Glass was over (Celeana/Aelin was literally my book soul mate) but wow I connected to her so quickly. Especially since I know the struggles that she does with taking care of her family and stuff and the way she wants to protect everyone she loves I 100% get that as the older sibling. The other characters are SOOO well done too! They each have a concrete backstory. From their past to their personalities it feels like each point was meticulously thought about and coming from someone whose met Hafsah and heard her speaking about the book and how much she cares I can tell you I have no doubt that she thought out everything in this book to the T.

The world building and sense of adventure was amazing to me. I love fantasies that take place in the desert I feel like it always opens up to world to so much more. Ruins, marriages, whatever is living under the sand and hidden in an oasis – just the thought of those things is so exciting to me and We Hunt The Flame delivers it all.

Now that I’ve read and experienced the beauty that is We Hunt the Flame I can tell you that im so ready for book two! I was never able to get an ARC of WHTF when it was going around and I tried so so so hard but if book two has an ARC I’m just giving you all a heads up – I’m gonna fight everyone to get one lol I love this story so much I’m so glad that I picked this book up. I definitely recommend it to any lovers of Fantasy & YA and give it 5/5 stars.

I also made a print of one of Hafsah’s favorite quotes (I had asked her on IG) and took it to her when I met her and guys she is so sweet!! If you live near any of the up coming WHTF events trust me she wants to meet you go!

WHTF will always have a special place in my heart.

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