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EndGame by Aisha Tritle

Welcome to The Game, Leigh

EndGame…EndFreakingGame – This was one of the absolute coolest stories I have EVER read you guys. Seriously, anyone who loves black mirror would so so enjoy this. EndGame is a fast, read in one sitting, Techno-Thriller story that follows the MC – Leigh – who is a young successful lawyer who just so happens to have been dumped recently. The Game is a virtual reality dating app where Leigh meets Alexei who of course is gorgeous and super into her. Now, here is where it gets wild, from the moment Alexei comes in you’re hooked. Who is this beautiful mysterious man?! Well without giving any spoilers I can only tell you he definitely is not your average guy.

When Leigh finds herself trapped inside The Game stuff gets wild. She’s trapped during a Gatsby-themed gala and forced to get involved in a plot to catch a hacker whose been using the app to set up crimes within the real world. and whats the best part? Alexei might be the death of her. *Wink*

Are you hooked yet? okay cool stop what you’re doing and go read this incredible techno-thriller novelette! I was absolutely stunned with this one. I read it in the car on the way to do my nails! (I wasn’t driving fyi) I couldn’t not put it down I was so intrigued with this story and it certainly did not disappoint. So much so that I finished it and I was trying to scroll for more pages haha I really didn’t want it to end. (Just saying if the author wants to continue this I would have NO problems [: ) I’ve been disappointed by so many big name thrillers recently that it was seriously so refreshing to read a story that left me grasping for more.

Of course the plot isn’t the only thing that hooked me but Aisha Tritles writing and her descriptions were on point and I was able to clearly visualize the real world and the virtual world. I want to thank her for reaching out and sending me an E ARC of this because its definitely a 2020 favorite. Oh and someone please tell Black Mirror to make me an episode of this!! It’s just the perfect length for a 45 minute episode, please please pleeeease.

EndGame is currently available for download and I’ll go ahead and link it here! I can’t say much without spoiling it so read it for yourself! and then come talk to me because wow I NEED to discuss this!! Make sure to read it review it tell your friends tell your fam! It gets 5 out of 5 stars from me!!

After all, The Game is about winning

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