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Cast in Firelight by Dana Swift

Perfect for fans of Sabaa Tahir, Hafsah Faizal, and Renée Ahdieh.

Cast in Firelight is my very first read of 2021 and I am SO HAPPY that it was!!! From the beginning I would I would loooooove Adraa oh my goodness. She’s feisty, speaks her mind, and kicks ass. (Seriously she kicks so much ass) Meanwhile you have Jatin – Softest boy – okay let me pull myself together real quick cause Im getting too excited here haha. Lets talk about tropes first – arranged marriage, secret identities, I wouldn’t say enemies to lovers but they’re definitely rivals – which is just as fun!

I Meet the Love of My Life and Slap Him in the Face

Okay if after that quote you aren’t immediately picking up the book then theres nothing else I can do for you cause that quote was a done deal for me – also need to mention this book has the FUNNEST chapter titles. Not many books have them but I appreciate them so much in this book. From the characters to the world building to the magic system Cast in Firelight is such a fun, fast and truly unique read I’m so happy I was able to read it and talk about it!

The magic system in this is split up into colors which I thought was very interesting and I loved that it gives you a very easy visual on how the magic works. Red Magic : Fire – Orange Magic – Heighten senses and abilities – Yellow Magic : Manipulate Air – Green Magic : Manipulate wood and plants – Blue Magic : Manipulate water – Purple Magic : Manifest Weapons – Pink Magic : Healing – White Magic : Manipulate Ice – Black Magic : Cast Illusions. Some can control them all some just one and some none at all. There are vast kingdoms and royal families and a secret underground and its all written and woven so perfectly I didn’t have a problem remembering things as I was reading

Cast in Firelight is a fun read, a fast read, and an easy read because the characters are just so darn likable – their dynamic will make you laugh, this world will definitely transport you elsewhere wild reading and like me you’ll end up reading right through your day every chance you get. I would definitely give this book a solid 4/5 stars and would recommend it to any YA fantasy reader! make sure to add it to your GoodReads here and order it here !

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