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The House With The Golden Door by Elodie Harper

For Lovers of all things Greek Mythology

The House with the Golden Door is the second book in the Wolf Den trilogy. Thank you so much to Turn The Pages tours for having me on the tour for this book! In this historic greek mythology story we continue along with Amara’s story as she leaves behind her life at the brothel and continues as a freed woman but the question remains, is she truly free?

The House with the golden door is sure to keep you reading page after page intertwined with forbidden love, new challenges for Amara as she learns how to maneuver through society with her newly elevated position and make difficult decisions that could lead to her destruction all to protect those she loves.

The House with The Golden Door by Elodie Harper is available now at: Amazon | Book Depository | Barnes & Noble


The life of a courtesan in Pompeii is glamorous yet perilous . . .  

Amara has escaped her life as a slave in the Wolf Den, the city’s most notorious brothel, but now her survival depends on the affections of her patron: a man she might not know as well as she once thought. At night, in the home he bought for her, the house with the golden door, Amara’s dreams are haunted by her past. She longs for her sisterhood of friends—the women at the brothel she was forced to leave behind—and worse, finds herself pursued by the cruel and vindictive man who once owned her. To be truly free, she will need to be as ruthless as he is. Amara knows her existence in Pompeii is subject to Venus, the goddess of love. Yet finding love may prove to be the most dangerous act of all.

About The Author:

Elodie Harper is a journalist and prize-winning writer. She is currently a reporter and presenter at ITV News, and before that worked as a producer for Channel 4 News. Elodie studied Latin poetry both in the original and in translation as part of her English Literature degree at Oxford, instilling a lifelong interest in the ancient world. The Wolf Den, the first in a trilogy of novels about the lives of women in ancient Pompeii, was a number one London Times bestseller. Elodie lives in the UK. You can visit her at and find her @ElodieLHarper.

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